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When it comes to relationships we are all seeking for love. I am an intuitionist for 0ver 20 years I have the ability of extrasensory perception. I guide relationships and love. The best decisions are made when a situation becomes clear, through guidance. I feel intuition and intentions naturally: I am gifted by the power of the divine. Energy surrounds my meditative state and I am able to acquire the knowledge of visions. Through empathetic purpose I am empowered through spiritual guidance and counseling. I receive knowledge through my spirit guide & Dreams, my purpose is to serve as a messenger of guidance and counselor. If you feel depressed and suicidal please contact a medical doctor, psychiatrist or go to a local hospital or contact a suicide hotline. I am free and clear of responsibility, I am counselor and advisor and do not diagnose medical conditions- I am certified counselor.

*****Manage Feeling, Thought & Facts within & in relationships!***** Knowing the difference between facts and one’s own feelings may be difficult. However, there are times when we make our feelings a fact instead of an opinion. You may have a point of view of a situation resulting in what you believe to be a fact, or a version of your own imagined fact. Thoughts and feelings are extremely important to each individual. However, to keep things fundamentally true, you have to differentiate between facts and feeling. Let’s focus on sincere principles. Feelings sometimes may be successful in delivering great information. The information could be accurate, inaccurate, determined, altered, exaggerated and frantic. For example, you may consider a feeling so strong that you see it as reality. But there are times when what you believe to be fact is not supported by actual fact. In fact, feelings may not always have a relation to reality at all. Determining the difference between feelings and opinions may be difficult if you’re consumed with emotions. Consuming yourself with only emotions may distort fact. It’s perfectly normal to have feelings and abnormal to ignore one’s own feelings. However, excessive dwelling on feelings may distort facts. Ignoring feelings of pain will only make it difficult to accept sensitivity and joyful bliss.

It may appear easier at the time, but you will feel it later. Your objective is to communicate your feelings and make reasonable decisions that effectively guide your growth within or in any relationship. Some people are so involved in their feelings that they’re blinded to facts. Reasoning or communicating with someone who believes his or her feelings to be fact, even if evidence portrays differently, may determine just a feeling not a fact. Simply, being aware of your feelings will bring clarity to, and help differentiate, fact and opinion. Always be sensitive to other people’s feelings, so you may receive the same in return. Furthermore, remember that thoughts are feelings and feelings are a behavior from your thoughts and they do not change facts.

There are times in our lives we are burdened and discontent. Troubled with childhood memories and traumas, not knowing how to abolish these dragging conditions of life. Our life experience continues to dwell on old baggage. The wonderful thing about life as you age you become aware and conscious of these conditions. Learning how to free oneself and appreciating old crisis, through the visualization of strength. Mostly provided from peers, mentors, advisers and teachers. In life there are no mistakes, only when you spill milk, however, the journey you embark is the one you have chosen unaware: unconscious. Therefore, you should enjoy the good and the bad: it all pertains to your growth and self – awareness, this brings light to relationships & love.

If you find yourself in darkness, then you can find yourself in light? The purpose of life is to create you, what you desire not anyone else. Who ever your Master, your God is: stimulate it, intensify it, accelerate it and provide pressure on love and relationships to excel. The flame of light appears when you look directly at it. Its so bright you can miss it. It almost burns your eyes! You will feel electric, magnetic, joyful, blessed, inspirational followed by a smile of light. You create your imperfection now create your perfection. We are all students and masters of our own destiny, create a path with light.

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At times I feel like I hold the key to my own freedom, my own happiness. I see you as the key hole, waiting for me to take that chance to experience what lays behind the door. Aimlessly I try: to fail. Then with my very own trembling hands I reach. It’s so difficult, but I see your light, when I close my eyes, I see you dressed In white! Take me with you, rescue me from this life of mine, help me to find the Light! Did I see you in a dream? A thought? Have I created someone like you? In my darkest hours as I lay in bed, wondering when will my life end. In my despairs as I weep and pray I held on to just one thought…. Oh! How I’ve cried in silence, where no one hears a sound. While running water washes my tears. I hold on to that one thought and I ask again as I kneel and pray, God send me an angel to save my day. For years, months and days have passed ’till that one day the angel came and she held my hand. To you I praise from this day on, that with words of wisdom and love so strong I may have found that heavenly door. To you Cice Rivera: for stopping, and taking time to give me advice, notice and to see beyond the surface. For caring enough to make me smile, for recognizing Me,! ***** Norma J. Miami Fl.