A Mom In Search For Day Care & Tutor During Pandemic Crisis. Found A Solution To A Worldwide Problem.

She began asking how do we keep our children safe and continue their education without havoc at home, disruptions going from place to place and sitter to sitter. She decided to collaborate her concepts with Bout Me Healing creating a “Tele Child Care” Development System to help the world obtain a better system through the pandemic crisis of the 2020 virus. Bout Me Healing is an Art & Healing program that began in 2005 with arts, drama, coaching, counseling, and educating families and children on conscious awareness and more. A single mom worried about how she will work and care for her children through difficult times created an easily accessible timeless solution to do just that.


I remember a time, when I had no one to help me while my child was sick. I needed to go to the store and get medicine across the street. I felt torn apart, I was on panic mode walking around the house in circles. It’s when I realized that no one was available and I had limited help as a single parent. Leaving my child alone was not an option for me. Forcing my child go to the store while sick was not option either. It was a tough decision considering my child was very sick and did not want to move out of bed. I decided the only solution was to phone a friend and have her facetime with my child, while I ran like mad woman to the store and hyperventilating on my way there and back, in crisis mode. I was so afraid to leave my child alone anything could happen, but I decided to go to the store alone and leave my 9 year old supervised by a teleconference facetime call. I felt horrible, guilty, and as if I did something horrible. It was the scariest five minutes of my life leaving my child alone, it felt like a lifetime. I asked myself, would people say, I was a horrible mom? Probably! I know I did. After all, I believed, I left my child unattended, but he was supervised by a facetime call. Should that suffice, I pondered? Many parents leave their children home for hours and I just never believed in it, until now. I remember numerous stories of people leaving their kids home all day as young as 8 and 9 years old. Some of these people I know very well. I felt like, maybe I judged a bit, deep down inside. Who I am to judge? I am in the very same situation. Faced with divorce, I lost a business that was making over a million dollars a year and I was able to make my own schedule. When that all fell apart and my life changed, I had to go back to work at a 9 to 5 job. Now, what do I do with my child that is studying online? I am not a nurse, but I work in a crisis unit helping people with counseling. What would you do? My child keeps saying he is ready to stay home alone and doesn’t want to leave to go somewhere else from house to house depending who is available that day. After all, he has all his things he needs to attend school etc. at home.A place where is comfortable and safe. Leaving him in all different places is a recipe for failure in his development and education at this time. What would do if you were in the same situation? The truth is that millions of people are in this situation at this very moment. That is when, I decided to start “Tele Child Care”. A program that will change the lives of millions.

Some States have no age restrictions for children staying home alone. Can we leave children alone? I still say no, because what if someone breaks into your house and your child’s alone, or any emergency for that matter. These are all valid concerns and questions to ask.

Then I asked myself, what if, we can teach our children, all the safety measures to stay home alone and we have a ‘Tele Child Care” sitter next door? A friend, neighbor, family, even volunteers, that can sign up to volunteer and create a safe movement for children.

I went deeper into my thoughts, what if, I had a 24/7 surveillance system to keep an eye on my child, with a sitter next door. Of course, when I am not home that is. For example, in which, the sitter can come right into the house, if the child needs anything, and can talk to the child directly through the system and hear everything that is going on in the house. Living right next door will provide ample time for safety measures to take place immediately under emergency situations. That’s when I said to myself, people are leaving their children home alone already. Why not make it safer place with “Tele Child Care”?

There’s a couple of ways I figured it can be done: 1. set up a camera in your house and the sitters house. 2. Have a live program running that records everything like Zoom. 3. Have a secured system connected to the police station.

I began a series of test with my child, educating him on safety procedures, plans, and emergencies. I then began to make small trips to the store, timing the trips, and keeping him online with me at all times, speaking to him with a live recording program in place. I organized a plan with my next door neighbor and began my “Tele Child Care” system with my child. I set emergency contacts for backup plans with family and friends to test the system. Each time I went out I increase the increments of my trips to test the time frame of safety boundaries. I tested the theory with different sitters as well.

The ‘Tele Child Care” System runs just like daycare and all the same rules and regulations apply. Including safety tips and trainings for emergency procedures and policies that must be obtained. Background checks are conducted. To become a volunteer you must have a clean background, pass a level 2 background, and provide a driver’s license. However, there are many ways to help this community excel through generous donations.

While we are in the pandemic early stages, we are asking for people to please join our community to create a chance for change. All donations go to this project. Every donation is helping a child in need of childcare & tutoring. Join our team & Network.

What we offer is a unique program and we take safety precautions to make sure volunteers qualify for the program.