Great Non Profits
At times I feel like I hold the key to my own freedom, my own happiness. I see you as the key-hole, waiting for me to take that chance to experience what lies behind the door. Aimlessly I try: to fail. Then with my very own trembling hands I reach. It’s so difficult, but I see your light, when I close my eyes, I see you dressed In white! Take me with you, rescue me from this life of mine, help me to find the Light! Did I see you in a dream? A thought? Have I created someone like you? In my darkest hours as I lay in bed, wondering when will my life end. In my despairs as I weep and pray I held on to just one thought…. Oh! How I’ve cried in silence, where no one hears a sound. While running water washes my tears. I hold on to that one thought and I ask again as I kneel and pray, God send me an angel to save my day. For years, months and days have passed ’till that one day the angel came and she held my hand. To you, I praise from this day on, that with words of wisdom and love so strong I may have found that heavenly door. To you Cice Rivera: for stopping, and taking time to give me advice, notice, and to see beyond the surface. For caring enough to make me smile, for recognizing Me! 
***** Norma J., Miami Fl.