Our Staff/Volunteers work toward making a difference in life.

CEO/Founder/Director of Operations

Cice Rivera, MS, CAC, RDAT, RYT, CCRC

Clinical Director

Jordan Needell, LMHC


Inez Camacho, (CRC) Certified Recovery Coach

Humberto Mena, LMHC, BCBA

Christine Fein, LMHC

Dr. Jessica Leon, PHD

Dr. Jessica Leon earned her Masters of Social Work and a Doctorate in counseling from Barry University and has been working in the mental health field since 2001.

She brings her years of experience and her passion of helping people experience profound transformation in their lives. She is able to understand peoples’ behaviors and coping skills that were improperly formed and guide and help them make the proper changes to lead the lives they deserve.

Jessica deals with addictions of all types, mental health issues, anger management, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, conflicts between couples, grief, eating disorders and loss of a loved one.

Jessica’s professional goal is to help individuals and families in times of crisis and abolish the stigma associated with mental health issues and treatment. “There is nothing wrong with a person who seeks help. Most people have not been taught how their brain and mind works or how their identities are formed”.

Her treatment, therapy and programs offer solution-focused counseling to her patients. By discovering what does work for each patient; when did things work for that person, helping them explore times in their life when things were working well, thus creating and giving them hope, they can then tap into their successes, not focusing on what went wrong.

She believes that over the years of substance abuse and mental health unbalance, the mind has some damage and it needs a combination of medication and therapy to get the neuropathways in the brain to function the way they were designed and create a new foundation that allows the body to release the proper dopamine levels appropriate to each experience or activity in a person’s life.

When our patients begin to truly understand how their minds work, we can help them re-frame their perspective and how they can see things differently in a more logical and more positively oriented way to understand and take control of the course of their lives.

We all have the power to be happy, joyful and free and with the right road map and tools and skills we can get through any challenge, overcome obstacles regardless of the issue. Jessica believes no matter what you’ve been through, or what you’re going through, there are answers and solutions. At Rehab Nexus our team is trained to help you find those answers and solutions.

Successful treatment of addiction and mental health conditions can happen in 6 months to a year, not years and years of struggle and failure.

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