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Bout Me Program

Law of Attraction

Law of attraction states that all thoughts, all images in your mind, all the feelings connected to your thoughts will eventually manifest as reality. In other words; everything you obtain in your life – now – has been attracted to you through your mind, body and soul.


Bout Me Healing is focused on human beings condition, counseling, art and  the journey in the spirit and physical world. Our mission is to open doors to those less fortunate in counseling, art and exposing one’s dreams and fulfillment. We are here to bring out creativity in everyone that has potential talent in making a dream reality. We are focused on all human beings seeking an avenue of creativity through expression or simply expressing one’s voice and stories. Our goal is for you to Bee heard by sharing your voice. Currently: we are driven by an additional mission that has brought Bout Me Magazine to collaborate with Bout Me OM (Optimistic & Motivational) Human Developmental Healing Org. of Awareness (non-profit org.)

Our focus on awareness supports Addiction, Thyroid Dis-ease, Cancer,  Domestic Violence, Creativity for Abused Children, Mental Health,  Homeless people.

It’s not Bout us it’s Bout you = Bout Me.

Founder & Director:

Cice Rivera – Taking pride in counseling and the arts, but more so in developing a sense of self – worth. No matter what: uplifting the spirits of others. My goal toward establishing this human developmental center is in order to help heal the world with natural medicine and educating individuals whom acquire the mysteries of the mind.  My purpose as a Florida State Board Certified Counselor, author focused on children books, poetry, art and self -improvement is in hopes to serve as an inspirational role model in human developmental growth. My education/certifications and degrees include, but not limited in Human Development, Mental Health Counselor, Academy of Addiction Professionals, American Psychological Assoc., School of Prophecology.  I have been involved in self – improvement & arts for over 20 years. I constantly strive to improve my communication skills and maintain my reputation as a role model, in doing so: I am an enthusiastic motivational speaker and mentor as an advocate for individuals of mental anguish. I am certain with a firm purpose and a single dream one can reach ultimate determined accomplishments, I have a firm purpose followed by a DREAM.


Believe=Essence-Enlightenment  Heal-Eternally-Awareness-Love-Ecstasy-Divinity=Bee Healed

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The purpose of The “BOUT ME” program is to build a foundation that provides ladies/gentlemen an outlet to attain goals, to promote the arts, to build  self-esteem, self confidence and to encourage support for awareness organizations. A chance to  share your thoughts, feelings and express any stress and receive advice and counsel.